Review for Feimonae!

When I first discovered Feimonae’s shop, I literally died from all the perfect bows she was selling. I was so awed to find that a bunch of her bows seem to get sold out fairly quickly so I had to snag a chance to purchase the Sweetheart Pack from her shop! :)

Ahhh, these bows are so perfect and I practically died when I received my package *u* They make me feel like a princess when I wear them~ They are definitely great quality bows and I highly recommend her shop :) The bows were wrapped in red tissue paper in a bubble mailer and shipping was fairly quick!

A big thank you to @vintagedolls for providing a promo code to Feimone’s store, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten that free orange polka dot bow and a 15% discount! ^.^

P.S. I’m actually late on this review! I got these beautiful bows last week but I’ve been sick lately and I really wanted to wait to get better so I can take some shots of me wearing the bows, but it looks like this cold isn’t going away without a fight >: Oh well!

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